Community Pharmacy Flu Vaccination (CPFV) Service

Health and Social Care Workers (HSCWs)

This service is now available from participating pharmacies

(28th September 2020 – 31st March 2021)

Pharmacy Contractor Service Documentation

Map of participating pharmacies

CPNI Support training for service providers

HSCB will continue to monitor flu vaccines stocks within community pharmacy for the commissioned service over the coming weeks to ensure sufficient vaccine remains available within the sector, while at the same time minimising the risk of potential waste.

To support the HSCB balance supply and demand of flu vaccines across providers, contractors are asked to:

Pharmacy Correspondence

This service allows HSCWs (see definition list below) 16 years old and over to be vaccinated with the cell based Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (QIVc) free of charge from participating community pharmacies across Northern Ireland (see map below).

Those HSCWs wishing to be vaccinated through this service should:

  • Bring staff photographic ID or proof of their employment in a healthcare setting (so that the pharmacist can confirm you work as a HSCW).
  • Check with your desired pharmacy if you need to book an appointment.
  • Confirm with the pharmacy that they have started to provide the service.
  • Confirm with the pharmacy if there are any additional infection control measures in place that you will need to adhere to whilst attending for vaccination, such as face coverings.*
  • Not attend the pharmacy or vaccination appointment if you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Instead contact the pharmacy to get advice and rearrange your appointment.*

*This also applies to chaperones

Correct selection of Employment status on e-Record from

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