Privacy Policy

What is the Privacy Policy?

This website is managed and provided by Community Pharmacy NI (CPNI).

This statement applies only to the Community Pharmacy website at
CPNI is committed to the provision of a safe and secure website.

This privacy policy aims to tell you what kind of information we may gather about you when you use this website, how we use that information, and what choices you have about how much information you provide to us and your ability to change or correct the information you give us.

What Information we collect?

You can access information on this website without having to provide any personal details. CPNI monitors the numbers of visitors to this website, which simply tells us how many people access this service. Information about the number of visitors is completely anonymous i.e. it does not include details of name, email address or any personally identifiable information.

What about my Personal Information?

Information will only be collected by CPNI when you knowingly provide this. To login to the Members Area or register for an event, you are required to complete an online form, which does include personal information, for example, email address and password.
This information is handled in compliance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. Where stated, CPNI may use this personal information to contact you in the future about new services or events. CPNI will not disclose personal details to a third party for use other than specified, with the exception of any breach of the terms of use of this website.