NI Concessionary Prices

When there are shortages of drugs listed in Part 1 of the Drug Tariff, pharmacy contractors are often faced with dispensing an equivalent product which is only available at a higher cost than the set tariff price.

In this situation, CPNI will issue a request to BSO for a concessionary price (a new fixed higher than Drug Tariff price) to be applied for a particular month. Any prescriptions dispensed by the contractor would be reimbursed at the new agreed concessionary price, eliminating the need for endorsements to be made by the contractor. The prescriptions should be coded as normal.

Concessionary prices are only applicable to the month in which they were granted. If there is an ongoing problem, it is possible that a new concessionary price will be permitted the following month, but this is not guaranteed. Once a concessionary price is agreed it will be published on the CPNI website.

Until a mechanism is in place for granting Northern Ireland concessionary prices, England concessionary prices will be automatically applied locally.

If you have problems obtaining a Part 1 product, report the issue to CPNI using the feedback form below. Alternatively if you have been able to source the product, please provide full details of the supplier and the amount paid.

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