‘Cancer screening saves lives’ Living Well campaign launched

‘Cancer screening saves lives’ Living Well campaign launched

As part of the Living Well service, community pharmacies are highlighting the importance of attending for screening when invited.

The ‘Cancer screening saves lives’ campaign will run in over 500 community pharmacies throughout April and May and aims to increase awareness of the cancer screening programmes available in Northern Ireland and to encourage all of those who are eligible to participate.

There are three screening programmes in Northern Ireland – breast, bowel and cervical – which aim to detect cancer, or risk of cancer, early. The programmes are aimed at those who don’t have any symptoms of cancer.

Jeni Rosborough, Cancer Screening Programmes Manager at the PHA, said: “Pharmacists are an integral part of the community and they are well positioned to help inform the public of the types of screening services available. This is an invaluable partnership and will really help us raise awareness of the importance of attending for screening when invited.

“While healthier lifestyle choices can help to reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, cancer screening is very important. Regular screening helps detect certain cancers even before there are symptoms. When you receive an invite to take part in screening, don’t ignore it as it could save your life.

“Screening is aimed at those without symptoms of cancer. If you do have any symptoms that concern you or you feel something isn’t right, don’t wait until your next screening appointment, please reach out to your GP.”

It is estimated one in two of us will develop some form of cancer during our lifetime. However, due to the many advances in diagnosis, treatment and care cancer survival rates have almost doubled in the past 50 years.

Garrett Maguire, community pharmacist at Maguire Pharmacy in Bangor, added: “Community pharmacies are visited by nearly 123,000 people every day in Northern Ireland, providing the ideal setting to help people to look after their health. As trusted healthcare professionals at the heart of our local communities, we can help to raise awareness of the different types of cancer screening services available and the importance of attending these programmes.

“If you are eligible to attend for screening, don’t ignore your invite. Call in and ask us any questions and pick up an information leaflet with useful links and contacts for support.”

Living Well is a community-based pharmacy service offered in over 500 pharmacies across Northern Ireland. It is delivered in partnership by the PHA, Community Pharmacy NI, and the Department of Health, and provides key public health messages and advice through these pharmacies.

For information on the individual cancer screening programmes, please visit:




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