Sun Awareness

The Public Health Agency and Cancer Focus have a number of resources to promote sun safety. These can be found at

The promotional materials are available in hard copy by contacting

The resources include:


Smoking Cessation Service

There are a range of smoking cessation promotional materials for display in community pharmacies including:

1 in 2 Smokers will die of a tobacco related disease poster

Smoking Know the Facts A5 leaflet

Smoking Know the Facts poster

Stopping smoking made easier  Further translations available here

Quality Standards for the Delivery of Specialist Stop Smoking Services in NI

Give your baby a breather booklet

PHA QuitKit contact card

Smoking Pregnancy A5 leaflet

Smoking Workplace pack

Smoking and your health and well-being booklet

Further information on all these publications can be found here

Ovarian Cancer Resources

These resources have been reproduced and distributed in Northern Ireland to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer among women. Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed at a late stage but the sooner it is detected the easier it is to treat.

Ovarian leaflet LR 07_14_0

Ovarian A4 Poster LR 07_14_0

The original leaflet produced by Target Ovarian Cancer is available in other languages at:


Choice and Medication Website (Mental Health Medicines)

Visit HSCB’s Choice and Medication website for up to date mental health medicines data and a range of information on mental health conditions.

Women with Diabetes

The Woman with Diabetes website supports women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes of childbearing age.  The website looks at contraception for women with diabetes and includes information on pregnancy related risks, and the ways to minimize them.

Women with Diabetes Poster 2014