NI Regional Pharmacy Services

Stop Smoking

The aim of the Stop Smoking service is to deliver a community pharmacy based, one stop specialist smoking cessation service to smokers in Northern Ireland which is evaluated and monitored in line with DoH standards.


Managing Your Medicines

This is a pharmacy based medication review service, provided for patients who are identified as vulnerable or at risk e.g. a patient on 4 or more medicines and who has poor prescription compliance evident from pharmacy or GP records.

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Repeat Dispensing

Repeat dispensing is the process by which patients with long-term medical conditions can obtain repeat supplies of their medicines over a defined period of time from a pharmacy of their choice, without the need to contact their prescriber on each occasion a new supply is needed. Patients most likely to benefit from this service are those with long-term, stable conditions that need regular medicines.

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Minor Ailments Scheme

The Minor Ailments Scheme supports the use of the pharmacy as a first point of call for health advice and allows the pharmacist to make more use of their professional skills. It also encourages patients to self treat minor ailments and improves their access to treatment without the need for a GP appointment. It offers benefits to the health service by providing an alternative for managing minor ailments meaning GP’s, Accident and Emergency Departments and Out of Hours services can focus on patients who really need them.

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Medicines Use Review

This service was initially targeted towards patients with respiratory conditions, and subsequently  was extended to patients living with diabetes. It aims to improve outcomes for patients by enhancing how medicines are used. This will include establishing the patient’s actual use, understanding and experience of taking their medicines; identifying, discussing and resolving poor or ineffective use of their medicines; identifying side effects and drug interactions that may affect adherence; improving the clinical and cost effectiveness of prescribed medicines and reducing medicines wastage.

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