Protecting Community Pharmacy Staff

Reporting Attacks and Abusive Behaviour directed at Community Pharmacy staff

It is important to report all instances of attacks and abusive behaviour directed at pharmacy staff by members of the public.

All incidents should be reported via the:
• DoH(NI) Online Incident Reporting Form, available at and
• To your local Police Service of Northern Ireland station.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has various resources available to help contractors prevent and deal with violent attacks, abuse and crime that you may experience in your pharmacy. These can be accessed either online at or in the case of e.g. the PSNI Safe Shop Scheme and general advice, directly through the Crime Prevention Unit attached to your local Police Station.

It is important that all instances of abuse and attacks on pharmacies and the pharmacy staff are reported so that an evidence base is created for the purposes of planning for, and securing resources to enhance the safety and security of community pharmacies.

Please do not hesitate to contact CPNI offices should you require any additional information.

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