Stoptober Campaign Launched

Community Pharmacy NI is inviting local smokers to support ‘Stoptober’ – a campaign running in England and Wales to encourage smokers to go smoke-free during the month of October.

The annual health awareness campaign seeks to encourage as many smokers as possible to attempt to go without smoking for 28 days throughout October, as research suggests that those who successfully give up for four weeks are five times more likely to stay smoke-free.

‘Stoptober’ is a great opportunity to highlight the benefits of stopping smoking and undoubtedly getting the right support and advice to people is key- this is where community pharmacies play an important role.

The Smoking Cessation service offered by community pharmacists support smokers who are motivated to quit through behavioural support and provision of nicotine replacement therapy, as appropriate, through a 12 week programme.  Community pharmacies are local and they deal with the most smoking cessation cases in the province, Supporting nearly 70% of quit attempts every year.

As a key front line health service in the heart of our local communities, community pharmacies are ideally placed to offer free specialised advice, to support those eager to quit. In a friendly, accessible and non-judgemental setting, smokers will receive on-going support from their local pharmacy team to help them reach their goals.

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