Pre-reg pharmacist saves the day!

Pre-registration pharmacist Rebecca Kennedy has been praised for the compassionate and professional manner in which she went to the aid of an ailing pensioner. Rebecca, who works at MediCare Pharmacy in Strabane was alerted to the man’s condition by staff from the adjoining post office.

Rebecca who had only recently completed a first aid course said, “It was a case of making sure the man was OK, he had taken some sort of turn and fell and hit his head. There was a cut on the back of his head and some blood on the ground. As he was still quite weak, myself and a colleague reassured him and tried to make him comfortable.”

She continued, “We managed to get him onto a seat and held some gauze to the back of his head and stayed with him until the emergency services arrived”.

Commenting Michael Guerin, MediCare Managing Director said, “Obviously we are very proud of the professional and calm way in which our Pre-registration Pharmacist Rebecca dealt with the incident and she certainly put her recent First Aid training to good practical use. Being a community pharmacist often means being called on to do more than dispense a patient’s medication and this was a good experience for Rebecca as a Pre-Registration Pharmacist to see that community pharmacy is indeed the frontline of the provision of healthcare in the community. I understand the gentleman made a full recovery so a good news story all round”.

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