Choice and Medication Website (Mental Health Medicines)

As part of ongoing pilot work on mental health medicines management, the “Choice and Medication” website has been purchased for Northern Ireland.

The site has up to date mental health medicines information and a range of information on mental health conditions. It is suitable for both healthcare professionals and patients. Some useful features of the website are listed below:

• Patient information leaflets for 3 different levels of reading ability on all mental health medicines.

• Comparison charts for groups of medicines indicated for a particular condition

• Handy charts and Handy histories which could be used to help patients monitor their own progress with mental health medicines.

Research shows that providing information (verbal and written) on medicines improves adherence to prescribed medicines.

For further information on the mental health medicines management pilot, please contact Dr. Susan M. Patterson, Pharmacy and Medicines Management Adviser, Health & Social Care Board.

To visit the website, please click on the icon below:

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